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“Rich Davis opened a lot of minds and opportunities while in our district. His presentations were appealing to students, but also encouraged and inspired teachers. The students left with confidence and imagination that was sparked from Rich. The sessions were short and pack full of engagement, which left the students wanting more. I found the students talking about their characters days after the sessions which led to great writing ideas. The teachers were inspired to use drawing as a spring board to brainstorming for the writing block. Pick and Draw will become a staple in our writing block at the beginning of the year. This will support students creative writing as well as offer them a ‘treasure box’ of ideas to build future stories. Thank you Rich!!! “
Southside Elemtary School      Cabot, Arkansas

“Thank you for the great program you presented for us at two of our schools. The kids were involved and eagerly participated in your program.  You made learning fun for them.  Thank you for the hard work you have put into making the program fun as well as a good learning experience for the kids.  Who knows?  We may have some future cartoonist inspired by you.  Thanks so much.”

Stilwell Library Friends Society      Stillwell, OK

“Thank you for such fun presentations at our school!  The kids are still talking about it.  When they see your drawing on my window, they gasp and say, “You got one of his pictures!”  It is a focal point! They all had such a good time!  We sure enjoyed your visit.”

Farmington Elementary School        Fayetteville, AR

“The kids all loved your presentation, even the ones who weren’t there. They got the benefit of their friends showing them how to draw the things you showed them and your Pick and Draw Game!  Thanks again for coming. I hope we can have you back again!”

Shiloh Christian School      Springdale, AR

from students

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Why Have Rich Davis come to your School?

It is Rich Davis’ hope that you would have him come draw with your kids for a special time of learning while having fun in an engaging, inter-active hour.  There are many illustrators in the US, but who will actually come draw with your kids in a way that will motivate them and help them want to develop their unique creative expression?  Your kids are the next generation.

Rich Davis will come to your school and work with any or all of your elementary students of all grade levels.  His one hour sessions are interactive and fun and confidence building for all who attend.  Kids are usually surprised and thrilled by what they find out they can do with drawing.  It opens up doors with a good kind of confidence that is needed in the learning process.  Rich’s imaginative methods are easy and quick to grasp with students creating on their own in a short time.  Weeks later, teachers and parents have reported that their kids were still loving to draw and their pictures were appearing everywhere.

This is one of the reasons Rich is bringing his unique style of drawing and facilitating to kids in schools….we all started out in life with a love for drawing and creating….he desires to help people stay in that enjoyment so that it will enhance their lives as well as others.    Rich feels we have only begun to see how powerful this visual expression could be in serving everything else in the education curriculum.  He wants to help develop the powerful concept, “Art as a servant”.

Rich is also on the Arts in Education roster for Arkansas and has many, many recommendations and referrals.

Rich Davis, Children’s Book Artist

Rich Davis is a Children’s Book Artist who lives in Siloam Springs, AR.  He has been doing books for 13 years and has eight titles with Penguin/Puffin/Viking.  Some of these titles are also reprinted by Scholastic for the  book fairs for beginning readers.

Rich is currently working on his ninth book for Penguin called, Tiny the Birthday Dog.  He also is creating/publishing two other books to help teachers and students develop their God-given creativity.

view his book titles

What can your students expect from a one hour session with Rich Davis?

You can expect Rich Davis to:

+  make  a live  drawing (5 minute) to music…this is given away at the end of the hour.

+  teach students how to generate their own ideas for characters and stories by using their imagination…brainstorming ideas.

+  lead students and teachers in multiple cartoon drawingswill also show the power of drawing as a memory enhancer.

+  lead students to draw their own cartoon characters by using a simple creative drawing game that Rich Davis invented and is now enjoyed world wide.  (video of Rich using the game with students and you can try the game on line as well)

+   encourage students to respect one another, encourage others and be a helper to those around them.

+  offer to teachers documented ways to successfully use his drawing game in the classrooms to meet Common Core Standards

+  empower students with improved eye-hand coordination and give them confidence to use creativity to express  themselves in a good way.

+  prepare students to have ideas that be put down in creative story writing when they return to class with teachers.

+  teach students and staff a simple visual vocabulary that can be used for many creative uses.  Students will want to use it because they see how easy it is.


Fees for Rich Davis School Presentations

15% Discount (excludes mileage) if you help get me into another school in your area!

Full Day …..4 one hour sessions….$650 plus roundtrip mileage from Siloam Springs, AR ($.55 a mile)

Half Day….2 one hour sessions….$400 plus roundtrip mileage from Siloam Springs, AR ($.55 a mile)

Additional Sessions (after full day)….$150 each

Mini Grants can be applied for the 1st of Sept. through the Arkansas Arts Council for my events in Arkansas!  (This gives you approx. half off)